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The Amazing Unsers: From Albuquerque to Indianapolis

Bobby Unser
Al Unser Sr.
Al Unser Jr.

One of the most iconic families in the history of auto racing is honored in “The Amazing Unsers: From Albuquerque to Indianapolis,” open April to October 2018.

Twenty-five cars that the Unser family drove in competition are on display, including eight of the nine that took them to victory in the Indianapolis 500, starting with the Rislone Eagle that powered Bobby Unser to victory 50 years ago this May.

“For the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to honor my family is just tremendous. It’s really hard to put into words how much it actually means,” said Al Unser Jr., two-time Indianapolis 500 winner. “As you go through the exhibit you are going to see my dad’s career, my uncle Bobby’s career, my whole family’s career on display here, it’s just a huge honor and we’re very excited and we truly hope everyone enjoys what we’ve put our heart and soul into.”

“It’s really nice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to honor the Unser family. To showcase all the Unsers at a track where so many great names have raced is very special for us,” said Bobby Unser, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner.

In addition to several of the IndyCars made famous by the Unsers, many incredible machines representing their career in USAC, road racing and NASCAR are on display, some for the first time. Visitors will also see rare memorabilia from the drivers, and can take an audio tour featuring the voices of Al Unser, Al Unser Jr., Bobby Unser, Parnelli Jones and Roger Penske.

“Every wall and room in my house is filled with racing memorabilia – even the kitchen,” said Bobby Unser, who loaned some very special items for the exhibit from each of his three Indianapolis 500 wins, Pikes Peak, National Championships, Champ cars, sprint cars, Formula 1, and other special races. May 2018 represents the 50th anniversary of his first Indy win.

“The Amazing Unsers: From Albuquerque to Indianapolis” runs through October 28.