Dodge Charger USAC Stock Car

Name: Dodge Charger USAC Stock Car

Year Built: 1974

Livery Year: 1974

Livery Year Driver: Butch Hartman

Sponsor: Hartman’s White Autocar Trucks

Chassis: Dodge Charger

Engine: Dodge

For many years, the United States Auto Club (USAC) sanctioned its own Stock Car series, many of the drivers being Indianapolis 500 standouts like A.J.Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Sam Hanks, Troy Ruttman, Rodger Ward, Jimmy Bryan, Paul Goldsmith, Mario Andretti, Roger McCluskey, Al Unser, Bobby Unser, and countless others. Among the standouts who did not participate in open-wheel racing were Don White, Norm Nelson, Jack Bowsher, and Larry “Butch” Hartman, who won the USAC Stock Car title in 1971, ‘72, ’73, ’74 and ’76. Most of Hartman’s wins were in cars like this 429-cubic-inch 1974 Dodge Charger based out of a facility in Zanesville, Ohio operated by Butch’s father, Dick Hartman, a heavy equipment dealer. This car is presented in its original livery as Hartman drove it with the tire “doughnut” on the right side explained as a momentary “coming together” with A.J.Foyt at the Michigan International Speedway.

Adoption cost: $1,000

Adoption benefits:

* One-year Racing Ambassador membership

* Recognition signage with the car during the run of the exhibit

* Recognition and on the Museum’s website under current exhibits

* Listing on the Adopt-an-Exhibit donor wall in the Museum

* An “I adopted” magnet of the car

* A certificate of adoption

* Invitation to the “From the Vault” members-only preview party