Laurin and Klement Racing Special

Name: Laurin & Klement Racing Special

Year Built: 1906

Livery Year Driver: Baron Leo Haan

Chassis: Laurin & Klement

Engine: Laurin & Klement

Believing the concept would assist him on the twisting road course of an upcoming auto race, a wealthy Yugoslavian amateur racing driver named Baron Leo Haan modified his 1906 Laurin & Klement Model S-2 by installing a rudder over its tail. It was linked by a rod to the steering gear so that a turn of the steering wheel would change the angle of the rudder and presumably assist the Baron through the turns. There is no definitive report on its success. The car was powered by a four-stroke two-cylinder engine which produced 12 horsepower. Laurin & Klement produced automobiles in Prague between 1906 and 1928. Today’s Skoda automotive brand traces its ancestry back to Laurin & Klement.

Adoption cost: $1,000

Adoption benefits:

* One-year Racing Ambassador membership

* Recognition signage with the car during the run of the exhibit

* Recognition and on the Museum’s website under current exhibits

* Listing on the Adopt-an-Exhibit donor wall in the Museum

* An “I adopted” magnet of the car

* A certificate of adoption

* Invitation to the “From the Vault” members-only preview party