The Lotus 29 helped usher in the rear-engine revolution. The Museum has one of the three original Lotus 29s that debuted in May for the 1963 Indianapolis 500. It appears to be Jim Clark’s second-place finisher, but there’s more to the story. Despite the green livery painted several decades ago, the car’s history proves it was actually driven to a seventh-place finish by Clark’s teammate and American racing legend, Dan Gurney.

Our goal is to honor this great champion—and history—by getting the Lotus 29/1 back on the track as it looked on race day in 1963. In addition to new fuel cells, suspension, and engine maintenance to return it to working condition, the Lotus 29/1 will also sport its original blue-and-white livery, just as it did when Gurney crossed the finish line.

The Lotus 29/1 is the first in a series of restoration projects led by the Museum and made possible through the generosity of supporters like you.

Learn more about the Lotus 29/1 story here.

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