Hall of Fame Day Autograph Session

Stay tuned for the 2020 Hall of Fame Autograph session

Please carefully read the FAQ (below) for ticket/registration info, and for new rules which have been implemented in order to make the event a great experience for everyone.

Key dates (which are outlined in the FAQ):

TBA: First come, first-served registration for paid wristband reservations.

TBA: Registration opens for random-draw wristbands.

Borg-Warner Society Members do not need to register for the paid or random-draw wristbands; you will receive a separate invitation from our Membership team in the near future.


The following information constitutes the rules governing the autograph session and apply to all participants.

Please note: In order to make the Autograph Session an enjoyable and pleasant experience for everyone, several new rules were implemented for 2019, and are marked with an asterisk (*) and underlined. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Q: How can I get autographs at the Hall of Fame Day Autograph Session?

A: Wristbands are required for access to the Hall of Fame Day Autograph Session.

75 wristbands will be made available for the session:

  • 25 of the wristbands will be available to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Borg-Warner Society level members.
  • 25 of the wristbands will be available for purchase as a fundraiser for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation, the nonprofit foundation which runs the Museum. The price to guarantee a spot in the session is $50.
  • 25 of the wristbands recipients will be chosen by a random draw prior to the event.

Wristband random-draw winners must pay for Museum admission ($10), plus an additional $10 fee to be admitted to the autograph session. The total cost for those chosen by random draw is $20.

*Wristbands are not transferable. *Anyone who sells their wristband will lose their opportunity to participate in the autograph session in the future. *Anyone who circumvents the wristband distribution rules will lose their chance to participate in the autograph session and no refund will be issued.

Q: How do I enter my name in the random drawing to receive one of the 25 random-draw wristbands?

A: To enter the drawing you must email the following information to museum@brickyard.com :



e-mail Address

Telephone Number

Twitter Handle (if applicable)

Please put “Autograph Session” in the subject line. By participating, entrants acknowledge and agree to these rules and the decisions of the administrator, whose decisions regarding all aspects of the drawing are final and binding. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation reserves the right to decline to accept an entry for any reason.

Q: How will I find out if I have been selected for a wristband?

A: Persons chosen for a wristband will be contacted via email, telephone or Twitter at least one week prior to the autograph session.

Q: How will I get my wristband for the autograph session?

A: Wristbands will be distributed at the check-in area adjacent to our Welcome Desk. *Please be prepared to show an ID.

Q: Can I call the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to enter the drawing for autograph session ticket?

A: No. All entries must be made online via e-mail to museum@brickyard.com .

Q: How do I purchase one of the 25 paid spots available for the Hall of Fame Day Autograph Session?

A: Contact Kelly Hartman via e-mail, at khartman@brickyard.com, to purchase your spot. Spots are available on a first come, first-served basis, once registration opens (TBA for 2020) . Do not share credit card information via e-mail; you will be contacted for that information if you are one of the first 25 respondents. Spots may not be reserved by phone. Do indicate your desire to purchase a spot, provide Kelly with the following information:


Email address

Telephone Number

A limit of one paid wristband per household will be in effect while we gauge demand to give multiple guests the opportunity to participate. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation reserves the right to decline to sell a wristband to anyone for any reason.


Q: How many items can I get autographed?

A: *Each fan can have two items, maximum, autographed per signer. This will be strictly enforced. Please be courteous and consider our legendary signers and fellow guests while in line. *We reserve the right to remove anyone from the line who does not follow the two-item policy. No refund will be given to anyone who is removed from the line for not following the two-item policy.

Q: When can I get in line for the autograph session?

A: Fans can get in line one (1) hour prior to the start of the session. However, the line will be set in order of your wristband color, with Borg-Warner Society members lining up first, followed by the paid VIP wristband holders, and then winners of the random draw.

Q: Who will be signing autographs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Day Autograph Session?

A: Approximately 15 members of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame and Indianapolis 500-winning drivers will sign autographs. The list of signers will be made available as soon as it is finalized, likely the morning of the event. The final list will be posted at the welcome desk as well as on Twitter @IMSMuseum and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/imsmuseum.

Q:  I was not able to secure one of the 75 wristbands available. Can I still attend the autograph session?

A:  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, our legends are only able to sign for one hour. No additional wristbands will be distributed prior to the event. We recommend that you look for autograph opportunities sponsored by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or through one of the many driver appearances that take place around central Indiana during the Month of May.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to hosting many of our valued fans on Hall of Fame Day! Your support is extremely important to our mission at the IMS Museum, and very much appreciated.